sb2 - crosscompiling environment
       sb2 [options] [command] [arguments] [...]

       sb2  Runs  command in scratchbox2. If no command is given, a bash shell
       in scratchbox2 environment is started.
       -v     Display version number.

       -L LEVEL
              Enable logging. Following values for logging  LEVEL  are  
	      available: error, warning, notice, info, debug, noise, noise2.

       -d     Use debug mode: log all redirections (logging LEVEL=debug) to 
              log file under directory $HOME/sb2_logs .

       -h     Print help.

       -t TARGET
              Define TARGET to use. Use sb2-config -d TARGET to set a default.

       -e     Use  emulation  mode,  avoid  executing any host binaries except

       -m MODE
              Use mapping mode MODE given in argument. Following  MODE  values
              are supported: devel, emulate, install, simple, tools.

       -M FILE
              Read mapping rules from FILE.

       -s DIRECTORY
              Use redirection rules from the DIRECTORY given in argument.

       -Q BUGLIST
              Emulate  bugs  of the scratchbox 1 (BUGLIST consists of letters:
              'x' enables exec permission checking bug emulation).

       -r     Disable creating reverse mapping rules: functions like  getcwd()
              and realpath() will always return the real path.

       -O OPTIONS
              Set  options  for  the selected mapping mode. OPTIONS is a mode-
              specific string.

       -R     Execute commands in fakeroot environment.

       -S FILE
              Create a persistent session: Write session information to FILE

       -J FILE
              Join a persistent session assossiated with FILE.

       -D FILE
              Delete a persistent session assosiated with FILE.  Warning: this
              does not check if the session is still in use!

       -c     When  creating  a  session,  also  create a private copy of 
	      target_root (rootstrap).  Note  that  this  can  be really slow,
              depending on the size of the orig.target_root.

              Use DIRECTORY as tools_root (override the value which was 
	      specified to sb2-init when the target specification was created).
       There are quite many environment variables being  used.  Since  sb2  is
       still  very  volatile,  the  best documentation is in the source of sb2
       script itself.
       sb2 ./configure

       sb2 make

       sb2 -eR make install

       sb2 -R -m emulate make install

       To configure sb2, do something like this:

       mkdir $HOME/buildroot
       cd $HOME/buildroot
       [fetch a rootfs from somewhere and extract it here]
       sb2-init -c /abs/path/to/qemu-arm TARGET /path/to/cross-compiler/bin/arm-linux-gcc

       To change default scratchbox2 target:

       sb2-config -d another_target

       gcc(1), ld(1), fakeroot(1), No known bugs at this time.
       Riku Voipio

2.0                                  11 September 2007                               sb2(1)