Maemo SDK+ Installation Instructions

Release Information

Project:           maemo SDK+ 
Version:           FINAL
Baseline:          None. This SDK is baseline neutral.
Date:              2009-11-02

Installing maemo SDK+ using the script

RC1 provides an easy-to-use installer script called To use this installer, copy this script to your home directory and run the following commands:

$ chmod +x ./
$ sudo ./ install -g

To use the GUI version, start the Installer with -g option. To use the command line version, leave out the -g. The interactive installer asks some questions before starting the actual installation. The installer script is available here:

If you do not want to use this installer, refer to the manual installation instructions below.

Installing maemo SDK+ manually

The maemo SDK+ build environment is available for several GNU/Linux host distributions. Select one of the following links:

Ubuntu Distribution (32bit i386 only)
Ubuntu Karmic 9.10
Ubuntu Janunty 9.04
Debian Distribution (32bit i386 only)
Debian Squeeze (testing)
Debian Lenny