maemo-sdk - maemo SDK frontend tool
       maemo-sdk [--verbose] [--force] [--index-url] [--quiet] [command]
       maemo-sdk command provides a menu based front-end to all functions and
       services provided by maemo SDK development environment.

       The  programmer  should  use the maemo-sdk command to perform the 
       various operations and resist the temptation to use directly the other
       maemo-* scripts.


       Most commands have one or more sub-commands that are listed  when  high
       level  command  is  selected from the menu or when maemo-sdk is started
       with optional parameter. For example when  typing  'maemo-sdk  install'
       the menu presented is then specific to install command.

       You  can start maemo-sdk without any parameters or you can write one or
       more additional parameters on the command line.

       When started without any parameters the maemo-sdk tools lists  all  the
       available base commands.

       The high level commands and their purpose is:

              [rootstrap] [toolchain] [tools] [binaries] [sbrsh]

              Install rootstraps, toolchains, tools or binary-only packages to
              the named target. Install sbrsh configuration  to  the  host  or
              target device.

       remove [rootstrap] [toolchain] [tools] [cache] [backup] [processes]

              Remove rootstraps, toolchains, tools, rootstrap backups or clear
              cached content and kill maemo SDK related pprocesses.

       show   [rootstrap] [toolchain] [tools] [gui] [config] [autosudo]

              Show various things of rootstraps, toolchains, tools, gui,  
	      settings  about the current SDK environment and the status of 
	      automatic sudo.

       set    [rootstrap] [toolchain] [tools] [emulation-mode] [autosudo]

              With this command you can set the active  rootstrap,  toolchain,
              tools  distro, target emulation mode and automatic sudo for root

       start  [gui]

              This command starts the graphical maemo UI inside a separate

              Xephyr display server. Multiple  graphics  UI  sessions  can  be
              active at the same time.

       stop   [gui]

              This  command  shutdowns the graphics maemo UI inside a separate
              Xephyr displahy server.

       enter  [devel] [runtime] [sudo-runtime] [chroot] [tools]

              This command lets the user to enter the development  environment
              of the named or default rootstrap, enter the runtime environment
              as a normal user or as a 'sudo' user of  the  named  or  default
              rootstrap.   In  addition the programmer can enter the rootstrap
              using chroot and enter the shell of a named tools distro.

       reload [catalogue]

              This command reloads the network catalogue  of  available  
              rootstraps, tools and toolchains.

       list   [rootstraps] [toolchains] [tools] [available]

              With  this  command  you  can list installed and available 
              rootstraps, toolchains and tools in your system.

       check  [rootstraps] [toolchains] [tools]

              This command checks if the network catalogue of available  
              rootstraps, toolchains or tools has been updated.

       backup [rootstraps] [tools]

              This command takes a backup of a rootstrap or a build tools 

              [rootstraps] [tools]

              This command restores a backup of a rootstrap or a  build  tools
              distribution.  The current rootstrap or build tools distribution
              is overwritten.

       help   [install] [remove] [show] [set] [start] [stop] [enter]  [reload]
              [list] [check] [backup] [restore] [help]

              Provides brief help of the usage of maemo-sdk command.  If there
              is conflicting information between this man page  and  the  help
              that  is  provided  by the maemo-sdk tool itself the information
              provided by the maemo-sdk is considered to be more valid.


              This starts the command and shows the high level menu.

       maemo-sdk install

              This would list the content of install-menu.

       maemo-sdk install rootstrap

              This command would list the available rootstraps.

       maemo-sdk install rootstrap diablo41_armel

              This command includes all needed parameters and no menu would be
              listed.  Instead  the  installation  of diablo41_armel rootstrap
              would start.

       Show lots of output when command is run. This might be helpful if you
       need to see what goes wrong for example when running commands like
       "maemo-sdk start gui".


       Be very brief about the output when executing the command.


       Do not ask [Yes/No] type of confirmations instead just execute the
       intended command. Use with care.

       --index-url [URI]

       Set  alternative URI location where to fetch the various index files
       for rootstraps, toolchains and tools-distros. The index files
       are saved under your ~/.maemo-sdk directory.
       maemo-tools(1), maemo-runtime(1), maemo-rootstrap(1), gcc(1), sb2(1), qemu(1).
       (C) Copyright 2007-2008 by Nokia Corporation

       Contact: Jukka-Pekka Iivonen

teTeX                       November 2008               maemo-sdk(1)